• North Fulton is not commonly perceived as an area that has problems associated with poverty. The relative affluence of the area masks the fact that an increasing number of families are barely making ends meet. The area has a large number of low-wage service-industry jobs, yet the cost of housing is above average for Atlanta and public transportation is scarce. When something unplanned happens to a family that is living from paycheck to paycheck, even something small like a dead car battery or a child with an ear ache, the family can be sent into a downward spiral that may end in homelessness without intervention. It has been estimated that one of every 8 families in Alpharetta and Roswell is living at or near the poverty level.

    • NFCC serves the Fulton County portions of the following zip codes: 30004, 30005, 30009, 30022, 30024, 30075, 30076, 30092 and 30097.
    • The applicant must bring a current photo ID and current proof of residency. (preferably a lease, mortgage statement, gas, electric or water bill)
    • If rental or utility assistance is requested, the applicant must provide documentation of a recent lease or utility bill.
    • Current proof of income.
    • The applicant must bring documentation that clarifies the emergency financial need such as receipts for medical expenses, car repairs, separation letter for job loss, etc.

    Download the NFCC Application for Assistance: English or Español. Please bring it with you to your appointment.

    Assistance is based upon individual case assessment and cannot be determined over the phone.

  • NFCC is supported by:

    12% from faith organizations
    2% from civic groups
    22% from individuals
    7% from business
    38% from income from the Thrift Shop
    19% from grants (this includes United Way of Greater Atlanta & Fulton County Human Service Grant)

    NFCC manages all general, administrative, and fundraising expenses with proceeds from Thrift Shop sales and grants. Community donations are used to help families with emergency needs and support our programs.

  • NFCC assists individuals and families who live in our community and provide the following documentation: photo identification, proof of residence and proof of need. Enforcement of immigration laws is the responsibility of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. Just as our public schools serve all children who live in the attendance zone, NFCC’s doors are open to all North Fulton residents.

  • In order to volunteer with our agency, you must be 13 years of age with adult supervision and 16 years of age without adult supervision.  For more information on volunteerism, please click on this link or contact Sharla Calloway at scalloway@nfcchelp.org or call 678.387.4471.

  • If your child is under the age of 13, please visit our kids’ project page for offsite project ideas.

  • Please contact Phil Hodges directly at phodges@nfcchelp.org or call 678.387.4466.

  • For information on our special programs, please visit the link or contact Eden Purdy at epurdy@nfcchelp.org or call 678.387.4458.

  • For information on pickup services, please visit Pick Up Service page and fill out the pickup form. You can also send an email to phodges@nfcchelp.org or call 678.387.4466.

  • If you are interested in sponsoring a food drive, please contact Mel Fortin at mfortin@nfcchelp.org or call 678.387.4465.

  • Our Education services are free and open to the public, space permitting, after NFCC client registrations. Childcare is provided for evening and Saturday classes. Click here for the Current Class Schedule or to register for a class.