Growing with Purpose


The new Service & Education Center and improvements to existing facilities will enable the expansion of existing NFCC programs, the addition of new programs and improved service delivery to the now skyrocketing number of neighbors in need as the public health and economic crises endure.

  • 112% (34 to 72 classroom seats) increase in education and workforce readiness program capacity
  • 75% (8 to 14 stations) increase in computer lab capacity
  • 70% (10 to 17 children) increase in childcare room capacity
  • 47% (15 to 22/week) increase in households helped with public benefits screening and renewals
  • 36% (300 to 409/year) increase in households assisted with filing taxes
  • 50% (4 to 6/month) increase in participants receiving free legal services
  • 8% (3,284 to 3,547/year) increase in families accessing the food pantry
  • 40% (1,281 to 1,798/year) increase in families shopping with vouchers in the Thrift Shop
  • 10% ($1,249,244 to $1,374,168/year) increase in Thrift Shop revenue from additional retail sales

For more information or to learn how you can help, please contact:

Holly M. York
Executive Director
Sherri Morgan
Director of Development

Did You Know:

The government says housing is “affordable” if a family spends no more than 30% of their income to live there.