Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly students work in the Thrift Shop, but sometimes (Holidays/Summer) we put Food Pantry days on the calendar for students.

Weekdays, enter through the Main Office door and ask for Darlene at the lobby intake desk. Weekends (Saturday/ Sunday), enter through the front Thrift Store doors and let the Security Guard know that you are on the student volunteer list. Show your email confirmation and put on a name tag.

This waiver signed by your parents, if you are under 18. Bring your phone, but don’t bring other items if you can help it.  We have some lockers, but no backpacks are allowed.

Wear modest comfortable clothes that can get dirty and allow you to bend over. No short shorts or spaghetti straps. No flip-flops or sandals. Wear closed-toed shoes like sneakers.

Maybe. We have limited student spots. Please email us and get permission FIRST. They may be turned away at the door if they are not on our list of approved volunteers for the day. Groups are scheduled differently. We require 1 adult to every 4 students if coming in a group and you must submit a group request online. We only allow high school student groups. No one under 13 may volunteer at any time.

High school student groups need to be chaperoned with 1 adult, per 4 students, and a max of 10 people total.  We do not allow middle school groups. This has changed from our past policy.

You must stay at least two hours. If you want to stay longer than your shift, just ask when you arrive. Most of the time, it is fine.

Yes! We have free snacks and drinks in our breakroom and we have a soda machine. We ask that you stay in your work area otherwise.

For an official letter confirming student volunteer dates and times, please email us following the completion of scheduled hours. If only a signature is needed on a form you bring, just ask a site manager to do so while you are here.

Hours are not valid for court-related community service through Volunteer Services. Visit the Court Related page for more information.

Please never give out your personal info while here and never give anyone else a ride when you leave unless you knew them before you arrived.

Yes! We love our volunteers to shop after their shift. You don’t get a discount, but everything is well-priced.

Student Sign-up

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at North Fulton Community Charities. NFCC Offices and volunteer requests are currently closed for the Holidays.  Our site will resume accepting volunteering requests on Thursday, January 2, 2020. Please check back then.

Did You Know:

Over 13,500 individuals volunteer with NFCC each year plus over 900 groups.