Pamper Me, Baby!

Pamper Me, Baby! Is a grassroots organization that sprang up from a visit to NFCC. Elysia Douglas toured our food pantry in 2014 and overheard that we were only able to give a father 10 diapers for his daughter. Elysia is a mother of 4, so she understood how frustrating it can be to run low on diapers.  As a doula, she was also aware of the health and infection risks of trying to extend the use of a diaper.

Elysia started organizing diaper drives and now works in conjunction with our food pantry to ensure that parents have a sufficient supply to care for their babies. Her diaper drives have been so successful, she has added two other local charities as recipients.

Great work, Elysia and Pamper Me, Baby!

Did You Know:

1,400 adults took education classes at the NFCC Education Center on the path to self-sufficiency last year.

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