Seasons of the Thrift Store

With the weather warming, many of us are taking an opportunity to do a little spring cleaning. It’s a good time to walk through the seasons of our thrift store.

Now that it’s officially spring, we are looking ahead to summer. Shoppers are looking for active wear, swimwear, short sleeves, sundresses and generally clothes and accessories that can be worn in long Altanta summers.  Before you put last year’s summer clothes back in rotation, consider what you are ready to let go of and send it our way if it’s in near-perfect condition.

Likewise we tend to stay ahead of each season so that our shoppers are choosing clothes that make sense for them either right now or in the next month or so.  The same goes for seasonal décor. We are best able to serve our customers if we receive decorative pieces about a month before a holiday or a new season. By August we will be excited to receive fall pieces.

And so it goes for timely items. Many items we sell are evergreen.  If you are clearing out your kitchen, library or workroom, we are always able to sell dishes, pots and pans, books, toys, tools, electronics, furniture and so on.  Of course, we appreciate all donations whenever they are offered, but we are constrained by storage space so the more we can sell immediately, the easier it is for us to manage inventory.

So get to it, you Marie Kondo fans. We are ready for your spring cleaning treasures!

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