Food Pantry Services

11270 Elkins Road, Roswell

We are the first line of defense for struggling families. We understand that any family or individual may experience difficulty from time to time. There is no financial requirement to participate and no reservation required. Because we have relationships with a number of local grocery stores and restaurants, we have an abundant supply of high-quality food available – exactly what you would buy for your family – at no cost to you, no strings attached.

Sometimes all that is needed to weather a storm is the ability make the best use of the funds you have. Shopping at the food pantry allows families to save an average of $300-$500 per month. That savings can help pay for housing, utilities and other expenses. We hope you will take full advantage of this helpful resource.

How it Works

The food pantry is available six days a week, no appointment necessary. If you are new to the food pantry, we will ask you to complete a very brief form when you arrive so that we can enter you into our system. Information you provide is completely confidential. Once you are in the Smart Choice system, we assign you a number of points for the month. We have several computers in the lobby. You simply login and select the items you would like to purchase based on the number of points in your account. Volunteers will gather your choices and bring them to you while you wait.

Best Ways to Use the Food Pantry:

Start your shopping at the food pantry and get all of your household staples taken care of with your points. Why buy soap, corn or pasta at the grocery store when you can get the same thing for free using points at the food pantry? We also have toiletries, household items, condiments, meat and fresh produce.

After you’ve visited the food pantry for your staples, use your SNAP benefits to purchase items you aren’t able to get at the pantry.

Visit the pantry as often as you need during the month and only use your own hard earned money to purchase groceries at the end of the month as a last resort.

The food pantry requires no appointment and is open six days a week.

Food Pantry Hours:
Mon, Wed, Fri 9am-4:30pm
Tu, Thu 9am-7:30pm
Sat 10am-1pm