NFCC Food Pantry

Providing food is the first line of defense for someone struggling financially – using the Food Pantry frees up money to pay rent, utilities, transportation or an unexpected expense. The NFCC Food Pantry is a community effort. Individuals, businesses, faith and civic organizations, schools and others donate food and supplies for the pantry.

Food from the NFCC Food Pantry is available to anyone in North Fulton that is in need, Monday through Friday.

NFCC Top Food Pantry Needs

We have a Client Choice Pantry; a computer inventory system that allows our clients to choose what they receive from the items in stock using a monthly points allowance. Giving clients a choice in what they receive gives them dignity, control and privacy while minimizing waste. Our most needed items list changes often based on demand. Check back for updates.

High Need

  • Cereal
  • Dried Beans (1 lb. bags)
  • Tomato Paste
  • Canned Fish/Meat
  • Canned Pinto Beans
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Flavored Pasta and Rice
  • Soups
  • All Toiletries
  • Canned Fruit
  • Dried Soup Mix - Not French Onion


  • Peas (canned)
  • Greens (canned)
  • Chile (canned)
  • Baking Items
  • Beets
  • Broth

Not Needed

  • Green Beans
  • Corn
  • Mac 'n Cheese
  • Ramen

Food Drives

Planning a food drive for NFCC? Thank you! We rely on donations from the community for the Food Pantry. Whether, it is a big effort for your entire organization or a small group of friends getting together, we want to know! Fill out this quick form to let us know what you have planned.

Food Pantry Details


Mon, Weds, Fri: 9am-4:30pm
Tues-Thurs: 9am-7:30pm
Sat: 10am-1pm


11270 Elkins Road
Roswell, GA 30076

Donate Food: Enter gate to the right of the building and proceed behind the building to the food pantry door on the left of building.


Contact the Director of the Food Pantry at or 678-387-4465. 

Food Recovery

NFCC is grateful to have more than 30 food recovery partners. These are restaurants, grocery stores and others that generously collaborate with NFCC to make sure that good food gets into the hands of those who need it and isn’t wasted. There are 80 volunteers that work on our food recovery effort by picking up the food from these partners and delivering it to NFCC each week.  

Food Recovery Partners

Did You Know:

125+ families receive food each day and close to 23,000 food orders are filled each year.