Making the Most Out of Your Visit to the Thrift Store

NFCC depends on thrift shop sales to make it possible to continue offering services and to grow or pivot when and where needed. Shopping in our store is a great way to help so we want to make sure you make the most of your visit.

DID YOU KNOW? Every item in the store is assigned a color. Most people understand that clothing items have a color-coded plastic tag. But the coding for other items may not be as intuitive. Shoes and accessories generally have stickers that may be color-coded or may just say R for red, B for blue, O for orange, Y for yellow, or G for green. Similarly housewares and other small items may be marked with a a grease pencil and include a letter code. Furniture and other large items probably have a sticker with a letter code.

Each week we select a new color and items assigned that color are 50% off all week. Saturdays, clothes that have been offered at 50% off all week are further marked down to $1.

For the 80% of the store each week that is not marked 50% off, we strongly suggest you use one of our NFCC reusable poly bags. They are good for 10% off your entire purchase when you bring them with you and can be combined with other sales up to a value of 50% off. Additionally, when you use those bags we don’t have to bag your items which is better for the environment.


Did You Know:

NFCC provides over $1.4 million dollars in emergency financial assistance for rent, utilities, transportation and other necessities to families in North Fulton.

NFCC offices & food pantry will close Monday, July 4th./Las oficinas y la despensa de NFCC estarán cerradas el Lunes 4 de Julio