NFCC Staff Celebrate the Season!

December 18, 2021 – NFCC staff came together between holiday projects to celebrate the season. We looked back over the previous two years of almost constant crisis management coupled with exciting changes. Many of us are relatively new members of the NFCC family so we mixed old organization traditions with some new ones to celebrate our first formal gathering since Covid.  We discovered how competitive we are and had a ball playing Holiday Trivia.  It was great just getting to spend time together.

Did You Know:

1,400 adults took education classes at the NFCC Education Center on the path to self-sufficiency last year.

NFCC services close 11/23 at 1 pm and reopen 11/28. Thrift Shop reopens 11/25 | 11/23-Servicios de NFCC cierran a la 1pm, reanudan el 11/28. Tienda de Segunda abre el 11/25