NFCC Assists Alpharetta Senior Facing High Prices on Food, Rent and More

83 year-old Patricia may be retired from her career as an occupational therapist and educator, but she has plenty to keep her busy.  An author of several books, the Alpharetta resident is currently leading a group called Sage Elders in writing a book of faith-centered stories. Patricia is also a member of the Writer’s Guild of Georgia. To supplement her income, she provides tutoring for children.

“I’m very well blessed and graced by God  in my years to still have my health and strengths, and I can be here to still help others,” says Patricia.

Like many seniors, Patricia is on a fixed income, relying on a pension and social security. As the costs of food, housing and other basics have increased over the past two years, Patricia found herself struggling to pay all of her expenses.

“The food has gotten to be really very costly. And then, whenever you renew your lease, there is $400-500 added to the cost that it was initially,” says Patricia.

When she was having trouble making ends meet, a friend recommended that she visit NFCC to receive assistance.  Patricia has always been very independent, so at first, she was reluctant to ask for help.

“It was really great. I made an application, which was easy. I got a chance to be interviewed by a social worker who was very thorough in going over the necessary paperwork that was required of me.”

Patricia received assistance with her rent, and her case manager also introduced her to resources, including the NFCC Food Pantry and Family Choice clothing program. Now, when ever she need extra food, she visits the pantry.

“The food pantry is wonderful.  The food was plentiful. If you need clothing, you can go next door to the thrift store.  What I liked most was the professionalism of every staff member that I came in contact with.”

Patricia shared that, in addition to the clothing assistance, the thrift shop has been a valuable resource for getting reasonably priced items for her home, such as cookware and furniture.

“I’m very thankful that North Fulton Community Charities is available for those who need it at the time they need it. I didn’t feel demeaned at all. I’m a very, very independent person and that made a difference in my life that I had to ask for assistance. North Fulton Community Charities is just outstanding for those who need a helping hand.”

Did You Know:

125+ families receive food each day and close to 23,000 food orders are filled each year.