Nichole: A Single Mom Finds Support Through a Challenging Time

As a social worker with a professional career and a master’s degree, Nichole, a Johns Creek resident, never thought she’d need to ask for assistance.

In 2019, she relocated to Georgia from New Jersey with her two sons, ages 20 and 15, looking for a fresh start.  She moved with a modest amount in her savings and an apartment lined up. It took her longer to find a job than she expected. When she finally landed a position, her salary was only half of what she made at her last job.

“I found myself struggling a lot when I first got here,” says Nichole. “I wasn’t prepared for the rental market. Things were more expensive than I thought, and I was living check to check.”

Nichole is careful with her money and follows a strict budget, but she experienced a series of financial setbacks. First, her older son lost his job. Then, an unexpected car repair popped up. Nichole found herself unable to cover her electric bill.  So, she came to NFCC.

“I was so grateful for the assistance…it was the last, last leg. The last day in terms of when my bill was due. It took a lot for me [to ask for help].  That’s why I waited so long,” said Nichole.

After that, Nichole knew she needed a plan.

“I knew that my situation would stay the same with something coming up every now and again that I’m going to need help,” said Nichole.

Nichole began using the food pantry and clothing assistance program to save money, so she could cover all of her bills. She started looking for a higher-paying job and a home with a lower monthly payment.  A few months later, she had the job offer she wanted. Then she found a house with a mortgage payment much lower than her rent.

“The position I’m in now, I’m feeling much better.  Moving forward things are going to be much better,” says Nichole.

NFCC congratulates Nichole on her new job and new home and wishes her great success for the future! Because of our generous donors, NFCC was able to provide Nichole with the support she needed to find her footing and become financially stable.

Did You Know:

NFCC serves over 600 homeless families each year.