The NFCC Thrift Shop has been in continual operation in Roswell since 1971. 

Volunteers from five churches organized the “Community Clothes Closet” in 1968 to serve families in need of clothing, household goods and furniture.  Each church committed to supply volunteers and supervise operations for one week day.  Hence, Monday was St Jude Catholic Church day.  Tuesday was Roswell Presbyterian Church day.  Wednesday was Roswell United Methodist Church day.  Thursday was Roswell Baptist Church day.  Friday was St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church day.  For the first 22 years the Closet functioned with minimal organization.  Barbara Duffy served as volunteer Chairman of the Clothes Closet from 1980 -1990.  Over the years, the Clothes Closet attracted many loyal volunteers, some of whom are still volunteering today, twenty-five and thirty years later and counting.

The Clothes Closet operated independently until 1990 when it was brought under the umbrella of NFCC (then 7 years old) in 1991.  The NFCC Board hired a Manager for the Closet in 1997, another in 1998 and then after a two year break hired Bebe Nicholson in 2002.  Security was employed beginning in 1999.  Prior to relocating in 2005 NFCC added Tuesday evening hours for the Closet and Office to give those who could not access NFCC during the day an opportunity for service.  The name of the Clothes Closet was officially changed to The Thrift Shop upon our relocation to Elkins Road in 2005.

The Thrift Shop has continued to expand to meet the demand by donors and customers. Saturday hours expanded and Holiday hours added in 2007, evening hours were added in 2009 and Sunday hours were added in 2010. In February 2013 The Thrift Shop sales floor was expanded and remodeled, dressing rooms added and signage highlighting NFCC services installed.

The Thrift Shop is open to the public to shop at bargain prices seven days a week and retail income supports NFCC programs and operations.  In addition, families who qualify for NFCC assistance shop in the Thrift Shop with vouchers.

Volunteers continue to be integral to the Thrift Shop success and operations.  Thrift Shop volunteers have adopted the following mission:

1) To help meet the material and physical needs of NFCC clients, and to serve as a “haven” where the needy and hurting are treated with dignity, kindness and respect.

2) To increase income available to NFCC.

3) To help volunteers experience personal growth and fulfillment, a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction through service.