The Faces of NFCC

A monthly video series featuring all the “faces” that make up NFCC. We profile clients, volunteers, donors and others to see how they found their way to NFCC.

Julia’s Story

Julia was a very successful executive who, after divorce, found herself struggling to take care of her 3 young children. She was able to take advantage of several of North Fulton Community Charities programs to help get her back on her feet and change the lives of her family.

Alicia’s Story

Would you give up everything to take care of your nieces and nephews? What if they had medical challenges? What if it meant you’d have to take a leave from work and go to countless doctors and therapists visits each week? Would you take that leap?

Pam’s Story

What makes you want to volunteer for the same organization for more than 20 years? Pam has been a volunteer at North Fulton Community Charities since 1997. Watch her story!

Aileen’s Story

Aileen came to the United States alone with her young son and has flourished with the help of North Fulton Community Charities!

Did You Know:

87% of the education program participants increased their wages or improved wage earning potential last year.